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"The Halogen Workshop was voted by our staff as the most rewarding training course we have ever provided them with. The staff all felt that is was a really valuable day and they even had fun despite the expectation that a financial planning day would be as much fun as a trip the dentist! Venn and Louise definitely know their material and our staff felt it was a great way to get them thinking and planning about their financial security.

Our staff all commented that it was not something that they expected an employer to provide them with as it was purely for their own personal development not professional development as most courses are. They also felt it was a very generous thing for the Management of Tempest to provide them with as it was not only paid for by the company but it was in company time. Fabulous for staff retention in such a competitive job market as they felt it showed we cared about them as an individual not just as a worker. It was great for team cohesiveness too.

Highly recommend the workshop for all employers wanting to make a real impact with their staff! We will make sure it is a yearly event so everyone in the business can experience it!
Thanks again"

Monique Talbot, CEO Tempest Media

"Before sitting Halogen's inaugural 'Building a Brighter Financial Future' teleseminar I often looked with an uneasy eye at the wealth process. I thought my own financial planning to hard a concept to understand yet desperately wanted to do something about it.

The teleseminar offered an amiable entry. Upon listening live to the teleseminar and participating in it, we could download the MP3s later and go thru it again at our own pace. The fundamental concepts were proposed simply and with real examples. Before long my shoulders were dropping as I let go of my fear and created my very own financial plan. I now look at my money with new confidence. Thanks for producing such an excellent product."

Andrew Mula, Director, The Internet Video Company, NSW

"A quick note to thank you for the seminar that you ran for our management group. Every individual made a point of coming up to me to say a) how tremendously valuable they found it and b) how grateful they were to the company for providing the opportunity. Without doubt the goodwill generated is far in excess of a similar investment in a party of social event and the participants are openly bragging to friends and acquaintances about what their company does for them. Whatever you did you certainly impressed. Add my personal thanks to the list and free to use me as a reference with any prospective customers. Best regards."

Gary Kearley, C.E.O, Active International (Australia), NSW

"We pride ourselves as being a recognised Employer of Choice. Of the many benefits we offer our people, the Halogen financial workshops "Building a Brighter Financial Future" were a stand out winner. I was overwhelmed when employees sought me out to personally thank me. It is sometimes hard to evaluate the value of some staff benefits but not in this case. This benefit had immediate and lasting impact on all who participated. The ability of spouses or partners being able to participate as well gave it even greater meaning for some. I would recommend this to any organisation that is serious about staff development, morale and retention."

Will Delaat, Managing Director, Merck Sharp & Dohme

"I engaged Halogen to run a programme for a select group of staff last year at Fairfax. The workshop was a great success, with very positive post course evaluations from all who attended. The workshop provided staff with practical advice about planning for their financial futures, and gave staff the opportunity for follow up meetings to discuss their individual circumstances and develop a personalized plan at no cost. As a result of the workshop I, and a number of other staff, chose to use Louise Gooden as my personal financial adviser. I cannot recommend Louise highly enough – she is very personable, easy to talk to, and takes the time to explain difficult concepts clearly. I have no hesitation in recommending the Halogen workshop and individualized planning services to others interested in providing their employees with independent financial planning advice."

Dr Sarah Vallance, Former Group HR Director, Fairfax, NSW

"I first met Louise in 2001. The journey we have shared over the last five years has set my wife and I well on course to be financially independent by 60 (or even 55 if I really want to)! In 2001, we only had one (our own property) and no share portfolio. Five years later we have a share in five properties and an expanding portfolio of managed funds and shares and a healthy superannuation plan. Although I have always enjoyed actioning the recommendations myself, Louise has been there to guide me and has always been approachable by email, phone or in person (she has even provided sound basic advice to my young adult daughter who is already reaping the benefits of Louise's wisdom). The advice has always been sound and profitable. As I have said to Louise on a number of occasions, I wish I knew a lot earlier about wealth creation than what I know now; although as Louise points out – it's never too late to start! The investment in time and money that Louise and Halogen provide is entirely worth it!"

Dr. Simon and Lisa Fraser. Victoria

"I have always wanted to start investing in either property or shares and hear friends and colleagues talk about the various strategies they have adopted. Seeking financial advice was a daunting prospect for me with so many products on the market and not really understanding all the pitfalls or knowing where to start. What I wanted was information about the choices available and what might be the best options for me given my interests, age and earning capacity. The presentation was excellent. The way the material is written ensured that I didn't just learn about financial planning and investing but during the time I made definite plans about a way forward for me and set some financial goals for the future."

Pam Betts, Assistant Director, Communication and Administration, Queensland Catholic Education Commission

"The Halogen workshop explained the concepts of investment and wealth generation in a simple yet thought provoking manner that fitted exactly in with our needs. Every 10 minutes we picked up a "jewel" that would stay with us and make us money in both the short term and the long term. Having attended with some trepidation about the relevancy to us we came away with a financial plan and bursting with energy to just get going. We were impressed that at no stage did Halogen push their own service but simply laid out the facts of wealth generation and how to enrich existing strategies."

Philip Carroll, General Manager, Benchmark Business College, NSW

"I work with books all the time. This one day seminar has given me more knowledge and confidence to take control of my wealth creation than any book I have read in the past 10 years."

John Byrne, Director of Library & Information Services, Marist College Ashgrove, QLD

"I thought the workshop was great and have been raving about it to everyone. The thing I liked most was that you didn't need to be approaching retirement to benefit from it. It's so good to get started early with your financial planning, that way you don't have to just plan to be financially secure for retirement, you can plan to be financially secure/independent during your working life and that way you will already be set up for retirement. And starting young, you can take small steps which will still have significant results in 20-30 years time, as opposed to having to really tighten your belt when you have more onerous commitments such as children, a large mortgage etc. We really are at the most opportune stage in life to commence creating wealth."

Davina Scanlon, Commercial Lawyer, Lyon Law Firm, NSW

"I found the workshop and presentation to be both helpful and informative in starting the process for wealth creation. I also think it was important to stress the implementation piece. Inertia can get the better of you if you aren't careful! I also like the way alternative strategies were presented and making the point that some bodies risk profile drives the strategy."

Brendan Price, Pricing Manager, Merck Sharp Dohme, NSW

"I went to the workshop with some cynicism about what to expect – maybe a hard sell of a product, maybe some vague ideas about where we could put a spare $50,000, if we ever got to the stage of having $50,000 to spare. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the day was very different. The presentations covered a large amount of very useful information, covering topics as diverse as long-term pension plans, insurance, investment and wills. The pace was great, the topics were interestingly presented, and the workshops & discussions were immediately relevant to me. My wife and I have asked Louise Gooden to be our financial adviser, and have been very pleased with the level of customer service provided to us since the workshop. We are now actively interested in our financial plans, and determined to manage them, with Louise's support. We wish we had done this workshop ten years ago!"

Will Wooding, Clinical Trials Manager, Merck Sharp and Dohme, NSW

"The wealth creation workshop offered to me by my company and run by Halogen was nothing short of a revelation. Financial management, although gnawing away at the back of my mind as something I should look into at some point in the future, was essentially a black hole for me. The workshop provided information in a very straightforward and accessible way, and some quite complex concepts were clearly explained. I walked away with a sense of empowerment about my financial future, which most importantly, has translated into action. The knowledge and confidence that I gained not only means that I understand the investment section of the newspaper, but that I choose to read it!"

Sarah Moore, Research Development Manager, Merck Sharp and Dohme, NSW

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Merck Sharp and Dohme for providing such a terrific offer us with the Salary Sacrifice offer with Halogen. My husband and I attended the workshops in March and have met with Halogen to start to put our plans into action. We have found Halogen and in particular Louise to be terrific to deal with – motivating and effective – so I just wanted to say thanks again to Merck Sharp and Dohme for providing this opportunity – you don't have to do this as a company, but the fact that you have is a real winner and is definitely contributing a factor to maintaining staff retention."

Kirilly Middleton, Product Manager, Merck Sharp and Dohme, NSW

"I believe your idea this session would be a good "added value" for employees is excellent and makes it a suitable and highly relevant presentation for CEOs who are always looking for ways to provide additional benefits for employees. In making them financially successful it might just lead them to be better employees and stay longer.
Venn, thank you again. It was an extremely valuable and well presented session that I will have great pleasure in recommending to my fellow Chairman for their groups. Best Regards"

Harvey J. Martin, Chairman, KEY 103

"Over the past 18 months I have known I needed a financial adviser. The more financial advisers I met with the more confused I became to the point where I did nothing. I felt I was being bombarded with complex solutions which I did not understand or being subjected to products I did not need. Only after I attended a Halogen workshop did I get some clarity. I walked away with a financial plan and knew what I had to do to suit my own circumstances. It gave me a sense of achievement immediately. I felt like I was empowered to make my own decisions."

Alana Rose, Account Director, McCann Erikson, NSW

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